This is


Maison Dadoo L’Atelier or better said `’the moment when reality becomes better than the dream”

L’Atelier, the new Maison Dadoo location, a place where stories become reality, inspired by a land of dreams where you can lose yourself and find yourself in the same time, among hundreds of flowers and details felt by the people that stand behind the brand, despite of the hard times we are all living, Maison Dadoo takes another step towards being closer to all the flower lovers and opens their doors in a new location, right in the heart of Bucharest.

L’Atelier is more than a place where you can buy flowers for you and your dear ones, it is conceived as an extrasensorial experience for the customers, defined by all the decorative details of our personalized services. It took us many years of experience in the field and a perfect moment to make a new dream become reality and our journey will not stop here.

Altough opening a new shop can be considered an act of bravery in these critical times, Maison Dadoo team, driven by a huge passion for flowers and for people, wants to prove that in a world where most of us live online, there is still hope for the offline experiences and feelings. With this all said and done, we waited for the perfect location, a place that can be suitable for us and for our customer’s needs, a space of approximately 140 square meters, on Lt.Av. Radu Beller street no 8, building a team of talented people, giving birth to a small piece of heaven in Bucharest and being the joy of all our visitors, magic made by our colorfoul window displays.

Our stories will not stop here but, because we don’t want to ruin your surprise, we invite you to discover on your own this new hidden jam meant to touch minds, by touching hearts first.